Garlic-Braised Greens and Potatoes Recipe (2024)



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Yeah, but looks delicious - you could always add in some cooked chickpeas - seems like they would be a nice match to the dish....


You can always add a protein- white beans, sausage, chicken, fish all pair nicely with this dish.

Dina A.

Fun fact, 1.5 lbs of collards contain 21 grams of protein (just over 5g per serving). It turns out that, calorie per calorie, leafy greens are a decent protein source (along with extra benefits of fiber, phytonutrients, etc.) - collards are 23% protein! But, as a registered dietitian, I feel the need to chime in that it doesn't matter. Whole plant foods provide tremendous health benefits, and are naturally balanced in protein. My colleague David Katz explains it best

Lisa Pizza

You do not need animal products to get protein. Leafy greens have lots of protein, as do most vegetables. Kale has 4.3 grams per 100 grams.


This may be meatless, but it is essentially protein-free


My Italian nonna would make this and add either red kidney beans or ceci (chickpeas) and I loved it as a kid!


Do we have to use the oven? This dish, like many other veg options, can be made equally well on top of the stove with a much smaller energy investment. If part of the issue is environmental, we need to consider not just what we eat, but how it is sourced and prepared.


If you are a plant based beginner and worry about how to integrate beans as a primary protein, start with white beans in this dish; they disappear nicely with strong flavors and potatoes.


This does have approximately 4g of protein in a serving, since greens like collards have about a gram in a cup. As a light lunch or supper with a bit of bread (another 2-3g in a slice) this would be plenty. However, I do think the addition of another protein source like some creamy white beans (navy, cannellini, butter) would make it more filling and compliment the other ingredients.

Daniel Douglas

Seldom do we hear about mustard greens instead of collards, escarole, kale, etc. Mustard greens are my favorite, hands down, of all the greens either raw or cooked. They are the most nutritious of all the greens, so I've been told. The small. tender leaves are the best fpr delicate tastes while the larger, more mature leaves burst with zesty flavors. Having been raised in the South on our preferred mustard greens, I seldom settle for their less flavorful cousins. Give 'em, you'll love 'em.

Carl Gardner

I started by browning 1 lb of mild Italian bulk sausage in the Dutch oven, then just followed the recipe on top of it. Delicious!


Indeed; Marcella Hazan does something similar with chick peas and lots of lemon juice.

Dave Phipps

Yeah, I think I’ll add beans.


A side of beans would pair well with this dish. It sounds delicious and cost effective. I plan to make it tonight.

Julia B

Kale has a lot of protein and you could add spinach for an even better source of leafy green protein.


This was delicious and very easy to put together on a weeknight. I think it’s adaptable and will make it again regularly swapping out the type of greens and I might even try a sweet potato along with the other potatoes. I don’t cook collards enough and this will make me buy them more often.


Loved this


I made the recipe as written with the exception of adding a dash of nutmeg in the wilting process and subbing 1-2TBS lemon-infused olive oil for regular. I finished with a small amount of butter to give a little richness and this was a delicious dish.


Excellent; and the Cecil made it a complete meal.


I made this last week and absolutely loved it. I followed the recipe as written and added a can of garbanzo beans as some of the reviewers suggested. Everyone loved it! One note is that I had to bake for about an additional 15 minutes but that's because my dutch oven might not have been fully closed when I put it in.


This was really good and so healthy!! I didn’t change much, but added a can of chickpeas to give it more bulk - my big appetite fellas appreciated that! Used Tuscan kale from the garden. I also dropped the shallots in when they could cook a bit. Lemon juice truly brightened it up.


I've made this 3 times. It is addictive. I have added chickpeas and it's even more delicious. I think it's best the 2nd day.


I have made this several times. I have made this with leftover baked potatoes. I prefer it with a combo of mustard greens and kale or spinach. I made it with thyme once instead of oregano [by mistake]. I have added chickpeas. It's all delicious. I like it best the 2nd day. Almost impossible not to eat two servings.


This is absolutely delicious. The potatoes do add a creaminess that goes with the collards. This will be our go to recipe for collards now


I used a small minced onion before adding garlic, I added a can of chickpeas and I used dried oregano. I did not have parsley or shallot at the end, and I'm sure they would have added something. It was simply delicious nonetheless.

I made a lot of changes…but still, fantastic!

I feel a bit bad about how many changes I made to this, but the results were so good that I figured I would share in case it helps others with substitutions. I only had one bunch of chard, so I added carrots and a diced roasted red pepper with the potatoes to get more veggies in. I also added about 1/3 pound of Rancho Gordo black eyed peas (cooked separately) and used their cooking broth, supplemented with chicken better than bullion for the water. So so good!


This is my favourite NYT Cooking recipe - unique and at the same time super simple and very delicious. More garlic and I stick a few more potatoes in. Measurements don't need to be exact - it's very forgiving. Easily adapted using the same technique and ingredients but varying the flavours. An Indian version with masalas and lots of turmeric and curry leave is good.Finally, multiplied and frozen in batches, it makes a great quick lunch to grab. Serve with (veggie) sausages or with fish.


I made this with a can of kidney beans and because I’m not vegetarian I used beef broth instead of water. If I was cooking for a vegetarian guest I would use veg stock. A bit of cholula made it perfect.


Made as directed except I didn’t have fresh oregano, but did have fresh rosemary, so used that. It was incredibly delicious with the rosemary and not sure I would use oregano in the future. I also added white beans, which played well with everything else. Really delicious. Everyone loved it. Will make again and again!


Very tasty side dish to chicken. Can be reheated if made prior to dinner.

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Garlic-Braised Greens and Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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