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Lumpia Shanghai are prepared many ways depending on how one was raised in the Philippines. I make my own version of Lumpia Shanghai: freshly ground pork, ground shrimp, freshly chopped garlic, chopped black pepper, grated carrots, sliced white and green scallions, low salt soy sauce and MSG (optional). Mix them all together, refrigerate for at least an hour. Wrap with lumpia wrapper (covered with moistened clean white linen). Wrap or roll the meat like a cigar very thinly, fry, enjoy!


My recipe (from my mom) is just ground pork, shrimp, green onions, water chestnuts, and egg. I use the 8x8 square sheets and then cut each log into thirds with scissors for bite size appetizers. Also, I like to fry frozen lumpia. Somehow they seem crispier that way?


Celery is not a traditional ingredient. The recipe is definitely the chef's interpretation of this Filipino dish.

James in NZ

I don’t know about other people’s stores, but ours sells 11-ounce lumpia wrappers that contain 20 wrappers already (8-inch square) so I don’t think the recipe should call for two packages, especially since I found that three tablespoons of filling would have resulted in around 10 lumpia altogether. As it is, I used two Tbs per lumpia, and managed to fill 15.


I made a vegetarian version by swapping a pound of chopped cremini mushrooms for the meat. It worked well and tasted good. 2 1/2 tsp. salt was way too much - start at 1 tsp. and dunk in soy sauce if they taste under-seasoned. The trick to successful frying is to use what will feel like a tiny amount of filling and then roll very tightly.

Frances Dei

This is prepared in different ways. Some use a mixture of ground pork and shrimp, ground pork and beef or you can even use ground chicken or fish! My favorites are ground beef and grated cheese (like a cheeseburger in lumpia form) and smoked fish and cream cheese served with mango pico de gallo.

Boulder chef

I have made a version of this using rice flour (spring roll) wrappers which come out great, though seem best pan fried as deep frying tends to burn the wrapper before the inside is fully cooked.

Jonathan R.

A delicious filling but ultimately a dish that was impossible to execute. If the spring rolls are not professional-level wrapped, they will bubble in the oil and break, leaving you (as I did, after roughly 8 tries, and as a relatively experienced frier) with a soggy, oily mess. The wrapper never truly crisps up , and if it does, it does so in a way that makes it brittle, again causing the filling to spill over into your oil. Would not recommend.

Kat A.

Depending on the region, lumpia recipes will vary. My family's recipe: make ginasa first (basis of most filipino dishes--stir fry tomato, onions, and garlic), stir fry ground pork, then add mung bean sprouts, julienned carrots, julienned chayote squash, diced shrimp until cooked through. Add a splash of soy sauce to your taste. We don't deep fry lumpia--just enough oil to cook one side then flip until both sides are brown. Dip in Mang Tomas liver sauce!


Although not the recipe, I tried baking these convection, and they did not turn out. You must fry them if you want the real thing.


Made a double batch for a thanksgiving office party. They were a big hit! You might want to up the fish sauce.


Asked my Filipino parents what they thought of this recipe and said they use scallions instead of onions and oyster sauce instead of fish sauce. I also took out the celery and added more chestnuts. I used a piping back to squeeze the meat and rolled it cigar style. I find it easier to cook when frozen.


Great recipe! It’s not traditional by any means (we don’t use celery for most things here), but it’s a cool twist on a Filipino classic. Just make sure that your rolls are thin enough for the meat filling to cook fully — if you roll too thick of a roll, there’s a high chance that your wrapper will be super crisp but your filling is still raw.Alternatively, you can also cut the rolls in 2 to 3 sections before frying to thoroughly cook the insides. Also: sweet & sour sauce!


Tried baking of frying these, and they came out soggy and stodgy, Flavors were good though. The banana ketchup isn’t worth the effort it takes to find it.

Christine Anne Mountcastle

My Vietnamese Sister-in-law taught me how to make delicious Vietnamese Spring Rolls many years ago. I thought these Philippino Lumpia would be similar and very good, as well. However, I will have to share this with my family and my Chinese freinds, who own the Chinese/Vietnamese Restaurant my husband and I order


Because I always make these in very large quantities I like to freeze them and fry from frozen (I find that as with won tons they don't stick together in the fryer and are easier to handle). I also ALWAYS fry twice - partly to make sure the interiors really are cooked but also because they become and remain shatteringly crisp without drying out as you might risk in the oven.


Any suggestions for veggie lumpia’s?


Should be dipped in sweet & sour chili sauce, not banana ketchup. Skip the celery.Simex is the best Shanghai wrapper to use, others (like Menlo) are too thick and are more appropriate for larger/fatter egg rolls.If freezing to save for later, place rolls on baking sheet in freezer, then transfer into a bag. That way, the wrappers won’t rip when you defrost.When frying, cut the rolls into 2-3” pieces first, THEN fry. This helps cook the filling without burning the wrapper.


I learned to make lumpia from my maid when we were stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.She used only ground beef,onions, shredded cabbage, juliened green beans for the filling.Since I cannot get the rice wrappers to actually make these wonderful little 'cigars' I often make this filling, adding a few drops each of soy sauce and worsteshire (SP??),and just serve it over sticky rice.That said,I noticed that my local supermarket is increasingly providing foreign food,rice wrappers too.


My personal fave is to cook pork shoulder with garlic peppercorns bay leaves salt and pepper with beef stock. Cool completely and refrigerate for a day. Being chilled makes the meat easier to slice and cut finely, not quite minced.The flavor and texture are a nice contrast to the other ingredients .

Joe Fiorito

half a medium onion will not yield one and a half cups of finely chopped onion


Made lumpia for the first time today. Had to watch a video to dial in the rolling process, but overall I think it turned out quite well. Made the banana ketchup too, which I hadn't had before, but thought was well worth it.


Added soy sauce and reduce amount of fish sauce and eliminated salt.

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Lumpia Shanghai Recipe (2024)
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